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25 June 2020: Unscrupulous lawyers target abuse survivors

Sometimes our clients prefer to stay with Angela Sdrinis Legal to do a redress claim rather than going to a new law firm, but we always provide our clients with the option of Knowmore

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19 June 2020: Tasmania introduces legislative reforms to prevent institutional child abuse and improve access to justice for survivors

The Justice Legislation Amendment (Organisational Liability for Child Abuse) Act 2019 (the “Act”) came into force on 1 May 2020.

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5 June 2020: A historic reform to NSW law will see victims of child sexual assault get a “fairer go in court”, in a nationwide first

The announcement comes in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses Child Sexual Abuse who conducted a major empirical study into how juries reason when deliberating on multiple counts of child sexual abuse.

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20 May 2020: Sentencing Act Applications: An avenue for redress

The Sentencing Act 1991 allows victims to seek compensation directly from the offender where that person has been found guilty of an offence which caused the victim injury. The person applying for compensation (‘the applicant’) must make the application within 12 months of the offender being found guilty or convicted, although an applicant can apply for an extension of time.

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13 May 2020 Update on national redress scheme: Organisations still failing the children who were in their care.

As at the beginning of March 2020, 46 organisations named in the Royal Commission had failed to sign up to the Redress Scheme (24 of these being Catholic organisations). The Federal Government is campaigning to put pressure on these organisations to join the scheme before the 30 June 2020 deadline.

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6 May 2020: The Advocate - Tasmanian Education Department 'protected paedophile teachers'

Documents obtained under Right to Information laws detail a disturbing history of how the Department of Education repeatedly moved LeClerc to school after school amid a flurry of complaints. Lawyer Sebastian Buscemi is currently preparing civil action on behalf of 10 plaintiffs abused by LeClerc, Harington and several other paedophile teachers.

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1 May 2020: ABC News - Child abuse civil claims lodged by former residents of Tasmanian children's homes (ABC)

Susan* and Lisa* were teenagers in the care of the state of Tasmania when they were allowed to live with violent, abusive men, despite the relevant government department being aware of the abuse, according to documents filed with the Supreme Court of Tasmania.

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21 April 2020: Pell’s acquittal: The High Court casts a long shadow

On 7 April 2020, the High Court unanimously granted special leave for Pell to appeal his convictions, ruled that Pell’s child sex abuse convictions be quashed and judgments of acquittal be entered in their place.

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20 April 2020: Fr Michael Glennon: ‘just wantonly evil’ - Were you a Victim?

Glennon left a legacy of life-long pain and suffering for his victims and their families against whom he offended in Victoria in the 1970s to 1999

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18 March 2020 - Victoria moves to establish a Stolen Generations Redress Scheme

Today the Andrews’ Government announced it will establish a Redress Scheme for members of the Stolen Generation in Victoria. The Scheme will be designed to address the suffering and trauma experienced by many Aboriginal people due to the policy of forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families.

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18 November 2019 - Update on National Redress Scheme (NRS) and Common Law Claims

The NRS continues to be criticised for delays in claims being processed, lack of transparency in how claims are determined (particularly with respect to the finding of “extreme circumstances” being the gateway to the maximum payment of $150,000) and the indexation of prior payments. The fact that a payment can be reduced on review is also a matter of great distress to claimants who agonise over whether to request a review of their NRS offers.

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Sexual and Institutional abuse 9 July 2014

Australia is yet to see a court victory for victims of sexual abuse where a religious institution has been held liable for a group of victims who allege sexual abuse from serial clerical abusers. However last month in Canada a Montreal court ruled that the Redemptionist Order was liable to pay at least $75,000 in damages to each victim who attended a seminary run by the Order between 1960 and 1987 ( Approximately 70 victims have co

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