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30 November 2021   The Examiner   Government to pay out $5.3 million to victims of Tasmanian paedophile teacher Anthony LeClerc
29 October 2021   The Mercury   “It’s disgusting”: Former Ashley detainee reveals the hell inside
22 September 2021   The Examiner   Education Department finishes inquiry into handling of sexual abuse allegations; victim wants reports released
22 September 2021   The Mercury   It should be shut straight away’: Critics slam three-year lag to shut troubled Ashley Youth Detention Centre
 9 September 2021    ABC   Ashley Youth Detention Centre in Tasmania's north to close down and be replaced by two new facilities
21 August 2021    ABC   Tasmanian government facing huge bill over allegations of abuse by former Ashley Youth Detention centre detainees
20 August 2021   The Mercury   Former Ashley detainee sues Tasmanian government
21 July 2021   The Age    Education Department under fire for ‘aggressive’ legal stance on sexual abuse claims
6 July 2021   The Mercury   Settlements in sight for alleged victims of paedophile teacher
28 January 2021   ABC   Victoria sees reports of historical abuse skyrocket during coronavirus pandemic
18 January 2021   The Mercury   Marathon Wait for Justice 
17 January 2021   The Mercury   Long wait for justice for Tasmanian woman allegedly sexually abused as homeless teenager
16 January 2021   ABC   Eighteen years and six premiers later, calls for an inquiry into child sex abuse in Tasmania have been answered
12 January 2021   ABC   Tasmania's Commissioner for Children backs renewed call to overhaul state's child discipline laws
4 January 2021   The Mercury   'I never did get an apology' – state school sexual abuse survivor says the time has come for justice'
27 November 2020   ABC   Pope Francis sued by three Australians allegedly sexually assaulted by Melbourne paedophile priest Michael Glennon
23 November 2020   The Examiner   Tasmania to hold Commission of Inquiry into child sexual abuse
23 November 2020   SBS   Tasmania announces commission of inquiry into child sex abuse amid new allegations
22 November 2020   ABC   Tasmanian Premier announces commission of inquiry into child sex abuse, and more allegations
14 October 2020   ABC   120 people join class action against Tasmanian Government over alleged abuse at Ashley Detention Centre
27 August 2020   ABC   Child sexual abuse in Tasmanian schools to be focus of new inquiry as survivors sue department
28 July 2020   ABC   Class action prepared against Tasmanian Government alleging abuse at Ashley Youth Detention Centre
6 Mar 2020   The Advocate   Tasmanian Education Department 'protected paedophile teachers'
6 May 2020   ABC   Survivors of child sexual abuse taking Education Department to court for negligence
1 May 2020   ABC   Child abuse civil claims lodged by former residents of Tasmanian children's homes
7 December 2018   ABC   Hobart child abuse survivor yet to receive compensation from National Redress Scheme
23 November 2018   SBS   Tasmania announces commission of inquiry into child sex abuse amid new allegations
18 October 2018   The Examiner   Free legal advice on offer for national redress scheme
1 June 2018   ABC   National redress scheme could leave claimants worse off, lawyers and survivors warn
27 April 2018   ABC   Institutional child sex abuse survivors might get less money under national redress scheme
13 Septemeber 2017   The Guardian   Catholic sexual abuse partly caused by secrecy and mandatory celibacy, report finds
30 March 2017   ABC   Abuse survivors welcome compensation settlement over Retta Dixon home in Darwin
3 March 2017   ABC   Child abuse royal commission: Catholic Church blocks victims' path to further compensation
24 February 2017   ABC   Child abuse royal commission: Review of Melbourne Response recommends redress scheme be separated from church
15 Febrruary 2017   ABC   Child sex abuse royal commission: Lawyers reveal trauma of representing survivors
23 November 2016   ABC   Former Victorian state wards continue fight to access department records
8 June 2016   ABC   Mentone-Parkdale parish parents push to clarify power of priests in Catholic schools
1 June 2016   ABC   Melbourne Catholic Archbishop accused of ignoring parents' concerns, families consider legal action over parish priest John Walshe
24 June 2016   ABC   Victorian Anglican Church to modernise governance to help any future victims of abuse
20 February 2016   The Guardian   Ballarat prepares for child sexual abuse inquiry while Cardinal Pell stays away
9 May 2014   ABC   Royal commission: Child abuse victims share their stories in private hearings
28 March 2014   ABC   Rape victims' parents say George Pell vowed to review Church compensation payments
24 March 2014   ABC   VIDEO: Pell has to answer for his past behaviour, says lawyer
29 September 2011   ABC   Lawyers slam 'morally bankrupt' Church defence
29 October 2009   ABC   Catholic church hit with another abuse claim
26 July 2006   ABC   Salvos pay to settle abuse claims

27 November 2021: LeClerc Group Action Settled

In a series of Supreme Court mediations held, a group claim made on behalf of 6 plaintiffs who were abused by Tony LeClerc, was settled by the Tasmanian Government: Press Release

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16 November 2021: Australians of Irish background may be eligible for the Irish Mother and Baby Redress Scheme

It is estimated 34,000 people will qualify for the scheme. All mothers who spent time in a mother and baby institution will be eligible for a payment.

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27 August 2021: Commonwealth Government proposes further changes to the National Redress Scheme

The Commonwealth Government has introduced a series of Bills that proposes several changes to the National Redress Scheme.

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30 June 2021: Kruk Review into the National Redress Scheme

The Federal Government has responded to the final report of the second year review into the National Redress Scheme.

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16 June 2021: A Novel Duty of Care – Implications for State Wardship and the Department’s Duty

In a recent case, the Federal Court of Australia handed down a decision, finding that the Australian Government owed a Duty of Care to Australian children to protect them from climate change in making a decision as to whether to approve a new mine.

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High Court refuses special leave application in set aside deed claim

TRG v The Board of Trustees of the Brisbane Grammar School [2020] QCA 190 (7 September 2020)

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5 March 2021: Tasmanian Inspectorate Slams Ashley Youth Detention Centre

A damning report by the Custodial Inspector... has found significant ongoing issues exist in the management and operation of the Ashley Youth Detention Centre (AYDC).

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3 March 2021: Tasmanian Police Try to Justify Failures in the Griffin Investigation

Tasmania Police say that they do a good job when the victim has been identified but in our experience working with survivors in Tasmania, this is not necessarily the case.

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16 December 2020: Calls to close the Ashley Youth Detention Centre grow

The Tasmanian Government has committed $7m dollars to upgrade the Ashley Youth Detention Centre (AYDC) amongst growing calls to close the AYDC altogether (ABC news 14 December 2020).

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2 October 2020: Victorian Precedent - Setting Aside Past Deed of Release

WCB v Roman Catholic Trusts Corporation for the Diocese of Sale (No 2) is the first case in Victoria to be heard under a law passed in September 2019 allowing deeds to be set aside ‘where it is just and reasonable to do so.’

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25 September 2020: Prison Abuse and the Quarantine of Compensation

If the plaintiff (a prisoner or former prisoner) is awarded damages of greater than $10,000, the defendant institution must seek Court approval to hold the compensation in the Prisoner Quarantine Fund for a period of 12 months following the publication in the Government Gazette regarding the payment.

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17 September 2020: Suspected abuse at Our Lady of Mercy College

If you have been a victim of abuse whilst a student at Our Lady of Mercy College, we strongly recommend that you receive advice as to your rights before contacting the school.

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8 September 2020: Review of Judicial Proceedings Report Act 1958 (Vic)

Section 4 was enacted in 1991, making it an offence to publish information identifying a victim of sexual assault without that person’s consent. In February 2020, amendments to the Act took effect which had contradictory effects on different groups for victims.

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2 September 2020: Offenders of ‘good character’

For child sex offences, section 5AA of the Sentencing Act requires a court to disregard an offender’s previous good character or lack of convictions, if the court is satisfied this was of assistance in the commission of the offence.

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27 August 2020: Developments in institutional liability for sexual assault: SMA v John XXIII College (No.2) [2020] ACTSC 211

The law around organisational liability for sexual assaults continues to evolve following the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

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