Sentencing Act Applications

Sentencing Act Applications


Where a person has been found guilty or convicted of an offence, the victim of the offence may make an application for compensation directly from the offender. This must be for an injury, such as a mental illness, grief or trauma, suffered as a direct result of an offence.


You must make the application within 12 months of the date of conviction (though it is possible to apply for an extension of time).


A victim can seek compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering experienced as a direct result of the offence
  • Reasonable counselling services as a direct result of the offence
  • Medical expenses
  • ‘Other expenses’ incurred as a direct result of the offence.


The Court may consider the burden an award may cause an on offender and the offender’s prospects of rehabilitation. There is a public interest in an offender having assets available to help his rehabilitation but the Court may also choose not to consider these factors in determining an Award.


We can help you lodge the application, prepare the documents, and represent you in Court.


Please contact Angela Sdrinis Legal if you have been a victim of crime and the offender has been convicted.

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