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Many law firms offer no win/no fee arrangements but when you look at the special conditions, clients may be asked to pay for out of pocket expenses or an investigation fee or other costs along the way. At Angela Sdrinis Legal the no win/no fee arrangement is exactly that, you will not be required to pay any fees, out of pocket expenses or other costs associated with your claim unless and until you get a successful result.

Having said that, conditions do apply to our no win/no fee arrangement as well but these special conditions do not involve payment of money. These conditions are about how we will work with you and what we require of you in acting on your behalf. The no win/no fee arrangement can only work if all relevant information is provided and advice is followed.  We also expect our clients to tell the truth. Indeed everyone involved in legal action is required to tell the truth.  At Angela Sdrinis Legal, we aim to work as a partnership with our clients so for example, if we have recommended a settlement which a client is unhappy with, we will canvass options such as obtaining a barrister’s advice, facilitating a second opinion and giving our clients the space and the time to consider all options. 

Litigation can be extremely stressful. Even though you will be bringing a claim against someone who you believe has wronged you or hurt you, our adversarial legal system means that it can feel as if you are the one on trial. At Angela Sdrinis Legal we will support you through the litigation process and you can be sure that our entire team will be working to ensure the best possible outcome with the least possible stress.

We believe that understanding the process will ensure that stress is minimised and we will explain the various steps of your claim and discuss the possible outcomes at an early time. We also understand that there will be times when you need to urgently speak to your solicitor. If your query is urgent, we aim to deal with it at the earliest possible time. We will also generally try and return your calls and/or your emails within 24 hours if possible and if for some reason we are unable to respond to your query within that time, we will get back to you and explain that there may be a delay.

We encourage our clients to discuss our fees and charges and to seek independent advice regarding our fee agreements.  We also encourage our clients to ask questions about their claim, about the work we are doing and about the claims process.

We understand that for many injured people or victims of abuse, trust can be a real issue.  We will work to build trust between us. However it is also important to understand that part of what we do is to get our clients compensation and that we will ultimately charge for our work. We aim to be transparent in our dealings with you in all aspects of your claim including with respect to how much your claim is worth and  how much we will charge if you get a successful result.

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