Sexual and Institutional Abuse Registration Form

1. Your details:

First Name*:
Last Name*:
Maiden Name:
Any other first or last name(s) used:
Date of birth:
Daytime telephone No.:

2. Institution(s) where abuse occurred:

  • Please give the names and addresses of all institutions in which you were resident/attended and the relevant dates as precisely as possible.
  • Please also state, if you can, any number you were given in the institution.
Name of Institution: Address: Dates of residence/attendance:
From: To:
Number given in the institution:

3. Description of abuse suffered by you:

  • Please provide a written account of any sexual, physical or emotional abuse or any neglect which you suffered.
  • Please provide the following details, if you can
Place(s) where abuse occurred Approximate date(s) when abuse occurred: Name(s) of person(s) who committed abuse:

4. Description of injuries resulting from abuse:

  • Please provide a written account of the injuries resulting from the abuse with reference to the following:
(a) Physical or psychiatric injury.
(b) Psychological, social and educational difficulties.
(c) Loss of employment or other opportunity
  • If you have attended any medical or other practitioner or any hospital for treatment of these injuries, please provide the following information where possible:
Name of Practitioner/hospital: Address: Dates attended:

5. Civil or criminal proceedings arising from abuse:

Have you ever made a statement to the police about the abuse suffered by you?
If "yes" please give details
Name of police officer:
Police station:
Date when statement made:
Address of police station:
Have you brought any proceedings for damages against any person or body arising out of any matter referred to in this form?
Have you received damages by way of a settlement or a court award in respect of any action arising out of any matter referred to in this application?
If yes, what is the amount of compensation/damages received?

6. If you wish to add anything to the information you have given above, please do so in the space below:

7. Tell us about yourself:

Were you a Ward of the State?
If so, over which years? to
Are you married?
Do you have children?
Child 1 Date of birth
Child 2 Date of birth
Child 3 Date of birth
Child 4 Date of birth
Child 5 Date of birth
Child 6 Date of birth
Do you have siblings?
Were they in the Institution with you?
Are you in contact with them?
Can you provide contact details?
Sibling 1
Sibling 2
Sibling 3
Sibling 4
Are you in contact with any other residents who were in the Institution with you?
If yes, please provide contact details:
What level of education did you achieve?
Are you presently employed?
What is your occupation?
Name of Employer?
Average Gross Annual Earnings?
How did you hear of our office?


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