The UK Independent Inquiry Into Child Abuse (IICSA) Recommends a Compensation Scheme for Child Migrants

In an interim report, IICSA has recommended to the UK Government that it set up a financial redress scheme for survivors of the Child Migrant Programme, which resulted in 130,000 British children were forcibly deported to Australia and other Commonwealth countries where they were subjected to hard labour and in many cases experienced severe physical and sexual abuse.  

IICSA concluded in its interim report that the post war child migration was a "fundamentally flawed policy" and the Government "failed to ensure that there were in place sufficient measures to protect children from sexual abuse (as well as other forms of abuse and neglect)."

The IICSA panel called on the Government to establish a redress scheme without delay, with payments to be made within the next 12 months to provide an equal award to every applicant, as it concluded all were exposed to the risk of sexual abuse.

If you were a child migrant and you wish to claim compensation on any UK scheme that is established, please complete our institutional abuse registration form here:

Child migrants may also be the first cabs off the rank in the shortly to be established National Redress Scheme (see previous blogs).

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