UK Inquiry recommends compensation for Child Migrants

The United Kingdom Independent Inquiry into Child Abuse (IICSA) has issued its report into the Child Migration Programmes of the 40’s and the 50’s. The full report is available at IICSA has made three recommendations for the British Government to consider:


That financial redress should be made to surviving child migrants providing for an equal payment to each survivor. This recommendation is on the basis that all child migrants were exposed to risk of sexual abuse. Given the age of former child migrants, the British Government has been urged to establish the scheme without delay and has recommended that payments commence within the next 12 months; andThat those agencies which have not already made a direct apology should do so, not only through public statements but directly to those child migrants for whom they were responsible; andAll institutions which sent children abroad as part of the child migrant programmes should ensure that there are systems in place to retain and preserve remaining records that may contain information about individual child migrants and should provide easy access to them.

At the same time, the National Redress Scheme in Australia should commence on 1 July 2018 at least insofar as abuses that occurred with a sufficient nexus to the Commonwealth. Angela Sdrinis Legal has established a register for child migrants to enable claims to be lodged and processed with priority.

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