Comcare Payments Update

Comcare has announced a new payment system which will commence from 1 September 2016 whereby all Comcare payments will be paid directly to employees’, employers’ and service providers’ bank accounts by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

If you are on Comcare benefits, you should provide your EFT details to Comcare so that you can receive payments direct, if you are not already doing so.

The advantages of receiving payments by EFT means that delay will be minimised and workers will also receive notifications and updates via email.

The benefits for service providers are clear. Some service providers including GP’s and medical specialists are reluctant to treat Comcare claimants because of delays in receiving payments and accounts being lost or unable to be located by Comcare. Forwarding invoices electronically and receiving payment by EFT should minimise administration costs and expedite payments. Comcare claimants should advise their treaters of this new facility.

Registration can be done through the online forms portal:

Even though electronic processing is a positive move, Comcare receipients will remain frustrated by delays in claims being accepted and processed. Unfortunately time limits for the processing of claims are yet to be introduced despite the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act being amended by the Gillard Government to inroduce time limits. Section 61 (1A) provides that the determining authority must consider and determine each claim for compensation within the “period prescribed by the regulations.”  Unfortunately regulations prescribing time limits have never been passed.

If you have lodged a claim for compensation or payment of a claim and this has been denied or you have not received a response, Angela Sdrinis Legal can assist with a free first consultation.

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