10 November 2021: Private Employees overtake Public Servants covered by Comcare Scheme

When the Comcare scheme commenced in 1988, it essentially covered Commonwealth public servants and employees of Government authorities such as the Post Master General’s Department (Australia Post and Telstra

Fast forward to 2021 and some 33 years later, private sector employees now represent more than half the workers covered by the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA). ). Most workers covered under Comcare scheme now in private sector (themandarin.com.au) See here for all licensees covered by the scheme: List of current and former self-insured licensees | Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC)

In the past 12 months alone,  the ANZ Bank and Ramsay Health have joined.

Concerns about the Comcare scheme include the extremely limited right for injured workers to sue under the SRCA, in some cases less generous benefits as compared to some state workers compensation schemes and a perception that Comcare as the health and safety regulator has been slow to adapt to the influx of workers from heavy industries (John Holland, Linfox, K & S Freighters etc) as compared to the traditional base of workers involved in the public service.

Angela Sdrinis acts for injured workers across all sectors of the scheme. We can provide expert advice with a first consultation free and in most cases on the basis of no win/no fee arrangements.

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